I don’t need to convince you that your family is awesome. Or that your kids are really freaking cute. Or that time flies, the days are long but the years are short, they’re only little once, etc… you know all of that already! I’m just here to help you tell your story. I’m here to take the pictures of your days that your kids will flip through in ten years, sparking a conversation, igniting a memory. Don’t let all these little moments slip away - let’s document them together. 

Family photos are a special way to capture where you all are in this moment of life. I know littles can have a limited amount of time that they’re willing to be photographed, so these sessions are meant to be flexible & fun. You don't have to step far out of your comfort zone with in-home family photos!

PS - I wear a well-fitted KN95 mask for all indoor sessions. Safety is my first priority!