About Me

My name is Margaret, and I’m a KC area based photographer. We just moved from Dayton, OH, and I grew up in Arlington, VA. I’m an Air Force spouse (the reason for the moves!), mom to a wild toddler & sweet baby boy, lover of coffee, avid NPR listener, bookworm, and collector of mugs.

I got my first DSLR in 2013 and have been hooked on photography ever since. I especially loved taking photos of people – being able to capture fleeting emotions and expressions has always been an exhilarating feeling to me. After I started taking photos of a friend’s baby every month, she and others encouraged me to make this photo-taking thing into something real! I am so grateful to all of the friends who have asked me to take their photos, and in doing so, gave me the confidence to take the plunge into creating Made to Bloom Photography. #sappyandproud

Photo credit: Leah Kelley Photography

I looooove babywearing. Best snuggles ever

Photo credit: Courtney Nelson Photography

Where you'll find me & Finn these days

Where does 'Made to Bloom' come from?

As a military spouse who has to move every few years to a completely new location, I know what it feels like to be plucked out of my comfort zone. I heard the phrase “bloom where you are planted” right after my first military move, and something about it really stuck with me. Even if we don’t love where we are at the moment (physically, mentally, in our bodies, our careers, anything!) it’s up to us to bloom where we are, or to try our best to do so. We’re made (by our past experiences, our parents, our communities, God, or whatever you believe) to bloom right where we are. As a photographer, I want to help capture where you are right now, in all of its beautiful and messy glory.